Kamis, November 13, 2008



yea, after long thinkin (jiehhh...)
i decide to use blogspot again as my own site, of course beside at multiply.
i guess i never leave my multiply site (www.nrizyana.multiply.com).
so many friends i got there, and based on same reason i go back to use blogspot in same name, www.nrizyana.blogspot.com.

i miss, suddenly,
to my friends who has blogspot.com as their own site.
just like mimichatz, naiya 'adik bintang', blackustadz, sisil 'wara'ssari, agus cuprit, dini hazel and others...o yea, especially abiyasa.

then bang syam at kusukabaca,
so does mahmud which i wanna see his 'click' camera in his own site.
and others...others..others...i miss'em all by visiting their site.

as we know, its not cool to come into page of blogspot.com via page of multiply.com.

so, the bloggers.... I COME AGAINNNNN....^_^

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