Rabu, November 19, 2008

Pudin9 Biskuit Choco

I was fasting yesterday, at 6th day of my puasa qadha ramadhan. I've been thought bout my beverage. Then finally just sparked what if I made puding after I saw seaweed powder in kitchen cupboard. Yea...inspired from Bunda Azka. Bout how bout the result ? This is my first experience to applicate this riceupe!

The name is Puding Biskuit Choco. Why choco ? Since I like it...haha...simple reason, rite ? If you wanna change it to strawberry biscuit or peanut or pinneapple or others...it's up to ya...(hemm, i just already think bout this brilliant idea RIGHT NOW! oh God, how genius I am...hehe...huekks..:P)

The steps is just like the making of others podeng:
1. Boil 2 glasses (standard size) of water
2. Then put seaweed powder onto it, stir it up
3. Add choco milk onto it and add sugar (match its taste with your tongue)
4. Prepare flat beneath of bowl, then place the dough above into the bowl
5. Kalo adonan dah agak dingin, gak panas-panas banget, cemplungkan biskuit cokelat ke dalam adonan agar-agar sampe tu biskuit tercelup secara sempurna (halah! ...tapi bener koq, hehe...soale itu pengaruh ke hasil) Ntar biskuitnya ngapung, nah disusun aja serapi mungkin
6. Make it colder until it solid, i suggest you to put into refrigerator to get fast
7. Ready to serve (halah, gayanya kaya yang di acara kuliner di TV aj...)

And the pictures above are the documentation when Risma (marketing staff in my office who accompanied me in my family's home) and I got sahur this morning...Btw, itu tangan Risma...hehe (kagak perlu diceritain kali!!!)

Okeh, tunggu resep (ancur) selanjutnya....salam maknyosss

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Ayka Bunda Azka mengatakan...

maknyozz kan...??? simply but still delicious...hehehehee...:P
ayo na...cobain resep lainnya...ntar diposting lagi sama foto2nyaa....seru juga... !!!