Sabtu, November 15, 2008

JZ,dJ n aLi

This site, i made three days ago.
Perhaps as compensation after got struggling in SARJANA TEKNIK exam.
Pfhhh, finally i got that....ST after my name
(actually, i'm shy to tell bout this..hihi)

Back to story of my new blog. yea this one
My exam at Tue
I made this site at Thu
And not in longtime, i created so many changes
Just in two days, there are:

1. Date format in calender
2. Post format in half one
3. New name of url: from became
4. Moved cup icon beside my url address
5. So many feedjits (map, popular post, etc)

As so, i wanna thx to DJ who helped me much
and ali also....

PS: sekian cerita tentang blog baru saya...terimakasih atas pihak2 yang telah membantu dibalik layar sehingga terselenggaranya blog ini. :)

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