Senin, November 17, 2008

Refresh in JR with my sist, Yeyen

Ahad, November 16 2008

Pagi yang cukup cerah. After ironed PKS costum, i went downstairs to help mom little things at home. Just sweep and mop the floor, in fact, took few times. Then took bath, and went.

Home of my younger sister(actually, her husband's home, was the goal i purposed to. She came out by one big and thick book, SYARAH RIYADHUSH SHOLIHIN, she said that it belongs to Andri, brotehr in law. 'So we must be carefull to bring it' she noticed me.

During the journey, we told each other bout our life. And til now, i always remind of her warning when yesterday i hitchhiked her on my motorcycle.
'As a girl, especially you, Long (who havent yet got married, maybe this is her point). If you ride motorcycle,

dont just go forward in speed level on the street that full of stone. It effects to our womb/uterus. Me, now, i'm not brave to ride in high speed, its dangerous.'

Ooouw...isnt it ? I'll try, eventhough its really hard to applicate it. Since i like, do really like to ride in high speed i could get on the way. Just one focus, faster better. Faster i arrive in going target, its better than get much time on road. DI JALAN BANYAK MAKSIAT, JADI LAMA DI JALAN, NAMBAH BANYAK DOSA. That is saying of my murabbiyah. Adopted by ustadz, i forget his name.

Then, its 02.45 am NOW....wauw, ashar is 5 minutes forward. So i couldnt continue my post. Ready to take wudhu and go down to mosque to get ashar berjamaah.

Its all bout my refresh in JR or Jalsah Ruhiyah, program of PKS in mosque of Nurul Iman in Khatulistiwa Street, Pontianak Utara (so faarrrr...)

Later i continue, if i have mood...yea...haha. (ups)

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