Selasa, November 18, 2008

i Lik3 eN9LisH stARteD fR0m reAdiN9

One day, a conversation took place between 2 girls:

Rz : Kak....secara...kakak kan dah nda ade beban agi niy...(maksudnya????)
Rzyn : Ape die ?
Rz : Tugas...tentang reading...
Rzyn : Hooo...bole...seberape banyak ?
Rz : Sera kakak lah...Hemm, dua halaman la
Rzyn : Pake kertas ape ? Spasi ?
Rz : Yang biase...spasi satu setengah la...
Rzyn : Baiklah

And last night, at 11.13 pm, Rzyn started to write.
Accompanied by 3 songs: Hidup Ini Indah and Persahabatan by Lemon Tea and Sahur Tiba by GIGI (which these 2 music bands are being Rzyn favourite now)

For Rz, just copy and paste it...
May it usefull for you and Rzyn hope Rz you could get the blue mark not red one coz of her writing...hehe
And Rzyn wanna sorry for you, coz this paper already finished today

Maafkan kami...tet tereret...maafkan kami
(Begitulah kate pare bujang lapok)
Alrite here they are:

Reading. Wow, I love it. Because of what ? Yea, since it could make us smarter. How can’t ? Something we read could be from other land, country, languange, tradition, or else. Even could be from other branch of our major specification. As much as we read something, perhaps it book, newspaper, magazine or maybe pamphlet on wall beside the roadway, we could feel that we don’t know anything. Knowledge that we have, in fact, so little than the knowledge in whole wide world.

About English reading, I put it in my favourite readings. I have many favourite theme readings; religious, social political, media, and of course English one. My English readings could be formed as book, newspaper, but I prefer magazine than all. Do you know why ? Since it consists of light topic. At least, lighter than newspaper or book. For me who amateur in English, not expert one, English magazine interested me much.
Its not about light topic only, also about the style of its language. In one page, its language could be formal, but in the other one, it could be unformal or we often name it slank language. Automatically, I could get many informations from the English magazine, beside I could learn the English structure and practice to speak it in daily. The combination of its contents; formal and unformal. It is really interested me, definitely. Yea, since its reason, that combination.
Actually, if we want to improve our English, we can’t just focus in one way. The skills in English are four items; writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Those things should be practiced by us periodically. Not only just writing, because it make us be passive smart in English. Its not good of course. Or just listening which could make us enjoy to listen but lazy to speak. Although the person who like to listen English songs, for example, sometimes automatically can speak English as the result of his/her listening activity. But of course its not enough.
Those skills, based on my experience, could united by activity of reading. By reading English readings, we will find out so many new vocabularies, phrases, slank language, right structure of sentence, and many more. From those advantages, I motivated to write because I do not want additional vocabularies I’ve gotten, just go up because I forget it. So, you could see, reading could make me like to write too.
How ‘bout listening ? Once again, I told you, this is based on my own experience that the turned up third skills because of reading continued by writing is listening. I used to rather lazy listening English programme in TV. I do like English, but I confess about my capacity that I still need to increase my vocabularies to get the point of presenter say. But, fabulous, after I like reading and try to write diligently periodically to keep my new vocabularies, now I like to listen English programme because I could understand the message in it. Not all I take it, but its good beginning, I guess so.
It means, so many vocabularies we have, we could understand others saying. Andrea Hirata told in his novel, Sang Pemimpi, the second book of his tetralogy novel, ‘Language basically just cluster of words, in every language of all country or area in this world. One thing we should conquer is the skill to connect one word to each other’. Back to my story about listening, I guess its correlated to Hirata’s statement. Don’t you think so ?
I have been told you three skills I got in one time because of one activity, reading. I’m gonna prove you that from read, we could speak too, in English of course. Or maybe in others language. Just remember the principle of Hirata above. How could ? Its easy to explain. Naturely, when we read, we will speak too. In Indonesia, if we find out difficult word to spell, automatically we will spell it loudly. Just nature as compensation or to make it easier to spell it and understand the meaning of its sentence. Thas’s for example. It take place also in English.
Especially for me, it’s not about difficult word. I do like to read English readings loudly. It doesn’t mean my arrogant to others. It’s about my tradition from Junior High School, the first time I learned English. Don’t know why, I just like to read my English book loudly. For me, it’s fun, absolutely. So, until now, if I look English readings, I spontaneously read it loudly. Beside to make it’s easier to come out of my tongue, it help me much to understand the meaning of the sentence. It’s really based on my experience.
Actually, if we want to fluent in English, we could start it from any ways. Perhaps you start it from listening English song then you like to sing it then your vocabularies add more. Next one is you more interesting to add other vocabularies by reading and continued by writing. It could be. The learning ways of one’s could be different each other. It depends on respective person. But if you ask me about it, then I shall answer I became like and more like to study English because of reading. Yea, from the first time I studied English, til now. It’s not change. In fact, it’s mine.
The magazine I ussualy read as my daily readings is CONTACT magazine. Produced by Pusat Penerbitan LIA, an industry under one roof of Pusat Bahasa LIA. Honestly, I love it so much. Despite of it consists news ‘bout artist, (I don’t like to know much things ‘bout artist’s life and world of artist) I have a hunch that just take the positive one. Of course as popular man/woman, they have life, struggle and many things to get their present position that took away by force of anyone who has ambition to be an artist.
CONTACT magazine that I used to read is not new edition. It belongs to my sister who has been ever studied in LIA. She is smart in English and I follow her track to be an expert in English. Oyea, beside read magazine, I am also not lazy enough to read article, usually from internet (actually I push myself to read it because the language is not light as magazine) or book or my majority literature. Somentimes, I got inspired of English readings formed commercial pamphlet or in TV or sticker or anything used English.
Basically, once again, if we want to fluent in English, we just need to take one step to start. It up to you to start it from listening, speaking, writing or reading. But, for me, it’s reading which could expand our like to other activity/skill. Just prove it by yourself. If you are, tell me, ok. We will share it. Right ! Discussion also can make us more expert in English.

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acisbilqis mengatakan...

step by step to read this understand what you write slowly..u know i like to hear the lemon tea's song make me thinking something about life. dont forget to borrow me the magazine..okey..

Mimi Chatz mengatakan...

Kak, acis bilqis tuh sape siy???